Hi, thank you for visiting!

My name is Leon, and I am an experienced independent copywriter who writes in both Dutch and English. After my studies at the Hague University of Applied Sciences (BA Communicatie) and many years in the business world, I started my own business as an independent copywriter at the end of 2018.


I’ve noticed that many companies “don’t know it either” when it comes to communication or don’t have enough capacity. The result is that they try something themselves, or hire an expensive agency. As a result, projects slow down, costs rise, and objectives are not achieved.

I like to help those kinds of companies!

I am curious by nature and like to understand things. Couple that with my creative mind, excellent language skills and future-oriented outlook, and the first step towards success has been taken.


I previously worked as a copywriter/writer for Conquest Communicatie, DELTA Fiber, Caiway and Priva Building Automation. I also wrote for companies such as Zita, Tendersucces and Tankcontainerfinder. 

I have a lot of experience with text editing, SEO texts, case studies and writing different types of Marketing Communications.

I also have experience with:

  • Internal and external communication (news messages, letters, company blogs), B2B and B2C.
  • Commercial copy (B2C) for marketing campaigns.
  • SEO texts (if desired, I write the text based on my keyword research).
  • Case Studies.
  • Web texts/rewriting of websites.
  • Interviews.
  • Tenders and reviews thereof.
  • Communication Plans.

Personally speaking 

In 2002 I graduated from The Hague University of Applied Sciences (BA) in communication. As part of that study, I studied for several months at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, where I followed journalism.

In 2019 I was certified by the Writers Academy for the training ‘Short stories and Novels’. I also followed the SEOGuru course ‘SEO for Copywriters’ that year.

I like to read and photograph (see my other blog: www.leicaforayear.wordpress.com). I also play the piano. You can find my English language blogs on Substack.